Welcome to the Song section... Here you can find hundreds of campfire songs. The songs are arranged in 5 main sections along with two extra 'Songbooks'.

Please be patient. These pages contain hundreds of songs and may take a few seconds to load fully. The songbooks are particularly large.

These have been collated from a wide variety of sources and are actually part of several seperate collections that have been started. As a result there is no overall cohesion across the section other than a loose grouping of the 'types' of songs. There is no attempt at an alphabetical index partly because of time constraints but also because several songs are known by many different names.

If you have any campfire songs that you would like to see added to these pages please get in touch with me.

Campfire Songs I - A collection of songs that most people would chuckle at or laugh out loud.

Campfire Songs II - Some of the more traditional and 'serious' songs.

Campfire Songs III - A collection of songs that work very well with accompanying actions and some songs that dont fit so well into the other sections.

Campfire Songs IV - A huge collection (over 200!) of songs covering a wider variety of styles and tones.

Campfire Songs V - A smaller (only 80 odd!) collection. Again covering a wide variety of songs.

Around the World - A collection of campfire songs from America and other countries.

Short/Religious - With around 80 songs this section gives you a good selection of those quick fillers and more sombre religious sounds.

Songbooks - These songs are also available for download in a 10 page songbook format.