Badge Resources - Meteorologist



Often thought to be a 'difficult' badge to teach for the non specialist, it really isnt as difficult as you might think. The basics are quite easy to grasp and there are some good sources of information available. Having taught the badge several times now to my Scouts I have acquired a box of weather resources.

I mainly rely on the use of the worksheets I have created, which are colour printed and laminated. Each Scout gets a copy of the Information Pack early on and uses it as a basis for the work each week. I have a number of posters and weather books that I use to aid teaching along with some excellent programs that I can use on my laptop. These are supplemented by work that they do at home and information that they collect themselves. They have to make their weather instrument at home and bring it in and they have to keep a record of the weather for two weeks using chart in their Information Pack. This can easily be checked by downloading the weather records from the Met Office.

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