Knife, Saw & Axe




In camp the correct use of tools can make everything proceed more smoothly. It is important that everyone understands how and why to use the tools before they are let loose in camp however. The knife, axe and saw, while very useful tools, can be very dangerous and indeed deadly in the wrong hands.

Safety should always be paramount. No one should be allowed to handle these tools until they have proved themselves not only proficient in their use, but sensible and able to follow the safety regulations. Once mastered, the knife, axe and saw can be put to a variety of uses in camp. From simply chopping firewood to creating complex gadgets and large shelters they can help transform your campsite.

These sections aim to provide an introduction to the basics of the subject.

It is vital that you do not practice anything here unless in the presence of someone with proven competence with these tools.

They are tools, not toys