Knots - Hitches


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A hitch is used to tie a rope to or around an object. This may be a pioneering pole, a tree or indeed another rope.

Sailors often use hitches and many can be tied very quickly (to temporarily tie a line to an anchor) and indeed untied quickly too.

Buntline Hitch - Will not come undone!

Clinch Knot - Useful for fishing line

Clove Hitch - Classic, famous and simple

Constrictor Hitch - Binds very tightly

Cow Hitch - Looks good but is probably the least secure

Figure of 8 Hitch - Quickly tied although not very secure

Fishermans Bend - Not a bend but a very secure hitch

Killick Hitch - Slight modification of the Timber Hitch for pulling a log

Klemheist Knot - A variation of the Prusik Knot

Marlinspike Hitch - This allows you to get extra purchase on a rope when pulling tight

Pedigree Cow Hitch - An extra tuck in a Cow Hitch changes it into a very secure hitch

Pile Hitch - Very simple and very practical

Prusik Knot - Useful in climbing

Rolling Hitch - Made with thin line over a thick rope

Round Turn and 2 Half Hitches - Widely used and very useful

Sheepshank - Designed to shorten a rope before use

Timber Hitch - Very simple and an exellent hitch

Waggoner's Hitch - Simple hitch that acts as a lever