Programs - Troop Night - May-Aug 2006

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Troop Programs - May to August 2006

The program consists of a laminated sheet of paper.

8.00 Inspection/Subs
8.05 Work
8.35 Flag
8.40 Game / drink
9.10 Work
9.35 Game
9.50 Patrols/Notices/Flag Down/Dismiss

Duty Patrol
The duty patrol is responsible for running the games, flag, inspection, subs, drinks and organising the clearing up, sweeping and packing away at the end of the night. They may also be called upon to perform other duties.



What we are doing

2 May

Hike Camp Practice


9 May

Librarian Badge

13 May – Incident Hike

16 May

Librarian Badge

20 May – County 5-a-side

23 May

Librarian Badge

30 May

Hike Camp

Hike Camp

6 June

Creative BadgePerformance Rehearsal (Short Play)

10 June - District 5-a-side

13 June

Creative BadgePerformance Rehearsal (Short Play

)17 June - Marsh Green Fete

20 June

Creative BadgePromotions (Newsletter, Website, Video)

24 June – Sports Day

27 June

Creative BadgePromotions (Poster, Website, Display)

4 July

Problem Solving

8 July – Camping Competition

11 July

Problem Solving

18 July

Creative BadgePerformance Night

25 July

Party (bring own music, everyone included, no football, non-uniform, karaoke)

29 July - 5 August – Scout Camp
5 August – Activity Day

1 August

Scout Camp

Scout Camp

8 August

Ice Skating, Pizza Hut, Cinema at Romford

12 August – Walton Trip

15 August

Swimming at Dagenham

22 August

Pack Holiday

Pack Holiday

29 August

Group BBQ

Group BBQ

29 August – Group BBQ


1 This program was completely planned and run by the Patrol Leaders themselves (well.. except for the fact that some of the 'teaching' of the badgework had to be done by the leaders. What I mean is they plan and execute the program..that does not mean they have to teach and assess every part of the badges).

2. The printed program always includes all the badge requirements on the other side.