Programs - Troop Night - Jan-Apr 2008

2008 -

Troop Programs - January to April 2008

The program consists of a laminated sheet of paper.

8.00 Inspection/Subs
8.05 Work
8.35 Flag
8.40 Game / drink
9.10 Work
9.35 Game
9.50 Patrols/Notices/Flag Down/Dismiss

Duty Patrol
The duty patrol is responsible for running the games, flag, inspection, subs, drinks and organising the clearing up, sweeping and packing away at the end of the night. They may also be called upon to perform other duties.



What we are doing

8 January

Patrol Pow Wow / Mark Sutton Practice

15 January

Mark Sutton Practice

22 January

Mark Sutton Practice
26 January - Mark Sutton

29 January

Games Test - Try out new games
including Buzz and HA HA HA

5 February

Fitness Badge
Scouts to improve over next 2 months
9 February - Fun Swim

12 February

Quiz Night

19 February

Inventions / Scrapheap Challenge
Invent product and try to sell to a panel of judges. Scrapheap as on TV.
24 February - Founder's Day

26 February

Science Fair
Experiments: grow a crystal, make a volcano etc

4 March

Circus Skills / Circus Night

11 March

Leaders Night
14 March - Comic Relief

18 March

Talent Night
including leaders. Singing, dancing, magic etc.

25 March
First Aid Test
1 April

First Aid

8 April

12 April - Pioneering

15 April

Game Show Night
deal or no deal, weakest link etc.

22 April
Fitness Badge - Test
To see if you are any fitter
27 April - St. George's Day
29 April


Other badges and programme ideas:
Cyclist Badge
Fitness Challenge
Expedition Challenge

District events, trips, activities and days out:
25th January Scout Meal in formal dress Liberty Bell £20
26th January Mark Sutton 6th B&D HQ
9th February Fun Swim Dagenham £1 each
24th February Founders Day
12th April Pioneering Day Thriftwood
27th April St. George’s Day
10/11th May Scout Rally & Incident Hike Chigwell Row

Hikes Away:
(Possible dates for hiking London Loop)
23/24 February??
16/17 February??
5/6 April??
19/20 April??
13 April??

Possible Events:
April?? Beaver/Cub Funday
Tuesday in half term?? Walk to Hargreaves
Survival Camp

Things the Leaders said to leave until later in the year:
Expedition (possibly on bikes)
Cyclist badge